Finding Favor (Lana Long) – Freebie

18 Jun

Hey YA and/or Jane Austen fans!  For a limited time, you can get a copy of Lana Long’s Finding Favor free from Amazon’s Kindle Store.


Finding Favor


Inspired by Jane Austen’s Mansfield Park, Finding Favor tackles the question, “Which is more important: friendship or freedom?”


Here’s the official synopsis:

In the eight years since seventeen-year-old Favor Miller’s father died, she’s had to endure her reluctant, self-righteous guardians the Browns.  Every day for eight years, they’ve reminded her that she doesn’t fit in—that she’s not one of them.  Every day for eight years, she’s eagerly awaited the day when she’ll finally be free to live her life her way.

On the eve of high school graduation, Mr. Brown ambushes Favor with the offer of college funding and a to-die-for summer internship–with the one stipulation that she must discontinue her friendship with his son, Ethan.  Accustomed as she is to sharing everything with her best friend, this is one secret Favor must keep in order to protect Ethan.  The distraction of his new girlfriend, her growing friendship with his older brother, and her need to understand her family history, add in further complications.

As Favor debates signing the contract, she must decide if she’s willing to give up her best friend in order to pursue her dreams.  Will she have to stay in the place she’s so desperately wanted to escape in order to make the right decision and get what she really needs?

Don’t delay!  This freebie runs only from June 17 through June 19. Click the image above to be taken directly to the book’s Amazon page.  You’ll need an Amazon account to log in and use the (highly addictive) 1-Click option.



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