Born of Illusion (Teri Brown)

16 Sep

Balzer+Bray (an imprint of Harper Collins)
11 June 2013 | hardcover: 373 pages
YA – magic – romance | 1st of 3 books


born of illusion4.indd


4.5 Squinkles


Hey Squinklebooks Squad! I hope you’ve had a fantastic summer full of books, and that September has been great to you so far. I’ve got TONS of titles to add to our bouquets de bouquins, so check back often!


To get things started, let me introduce you to Teri Brown’s Born of Illusion. It’s the story of Anna, a gifted illusionist and daughter of the famous medium Marguerite van Housen. The trouble is … Marguerite doesn’t know about Anna’s mental skills, and it’s getting harder and harder for Anna to keep them hidden because they’re getting stronger and stronger. Anna’s had visions of the future before, but when she starts seeing images of her mom in terrible danger, Anna realizes that something or someone must be behind it. If you’re predilection or current preference is for magic, mystery, and a handful of handsome men, I think you’ll enjoy Brown’s story.


I couldn’t get enough of this book. I really love how strong Anna’s character is and how fiercely independent (though sometimes inadvisably so) she can be. It’s no wonder two charming gentlemen, Cole and Owen, fall for her. Brown’s writing flows very easily, which adds to the action-packed scenes and heart-thumping moments scattered throughout the novel. The setting of New York City in the 1920s is an added bonus for me because I like being transported to another time period every now and then. We studied this book in summer school this year, and my students gobbled it up! We all can’t wait for the sequel, Born of Deception, coming out in 2014.


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Grab a copy of Born of Illusion from Chapters/Indigo or from your friendly neighbourhood bookstore.


Thank you, Harper Collins Canada, for sending me a copy of Born of Illusion for review.  All opinions and suggestions expressed herein are entirely my own; I received no compensation for them.

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