Weight of Earth (Stevie Mikayne)

17 Sep

Evolved Publishing
23 April 2013 | softcover: 278 pages
(mature) YA – NA – women’s studies – occult


Weight of Earth


4 Squinkles


Here’s another novel with some super strong women that you might enjoy. Weight of Earth is a story about generations of women who are trying to balance the demands of everyday life with their exceptional abilities. Ella, the main character, has had a tumultuous and mysterious relationship with her mother. She’s never really understood why her mother had dark days when she was young. All she knows is that 12 years ago, her mother turned her back on her sister, and their lives have never been the same. When she fortuitously meets William, a special-needs boy, she learns how strong family bonds can be and how much love a heart can hold. In spite of her cold relationship with her mother—or perhaps because of it?—she commits herself to helping William, and in doing so, gives him a friend and champion for life. Ella’s world is shaken, however, when Zeth enters the picture. How does he seem to know her so intimately when she doesn’t even understand herself? Why does he seem to hold so many answers when she hasn’t even begun to formulate the questions?


Even though I found the characters difficult to follow at first (the story switches between events in the past and present), by the time I was a quarter of the way in, I was hooked. Ella really touched my heart with her effortless acceptance of and commitment to William. Stevie Mikayne’s portrayal of their relationship proves that it sometimes really does take only one person to turn your life around. I don’t know if I would have enough courage or compassion to do what she does in the novel (though I hope someday I might), which is why I admire the character of Ella very much. The magic that is woven throughout the threads of the story is what really lured me in. I like the conflict created whenever censorship or simply having to hide one’s nature is in question. In Weight of Earth, you get a variety of strong female characters all with unique abilities that, in some way or another, are latent, tempered, or repressed. Imagine what will happen when they’re put together in the same room! I’m not sure if another novel is planned to continue the story, but I’d read it for sure. What would you do if you had special abilities you couldn’t share with the world?


If you manage to get a copy of this book (in paper or e-book format), check out the acknowledgements section!


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Grab a copy of Weight of Earth from Chapters/Indigo or from your friendly neighbourhood bookstore.


Thank you, Stevie Mikayne and Evolved Publishing, for sending me both an e-copy and paper copy of Weight of Earth.  All opinions and suggestions expressed herein are entirely my own; I received no compensation for them.


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