The Librarian Saga [Parts 1 & 2] (Eric Hobbs)

21 Oct

Dear Squinklebooks Squad,

It’s such a great concept to have adventures begin in a library, don’t you think? After all, don’t libraries hold within their walls some of the greatest adventures? And the very best librarians are those who not only know the secrets within the books that surround them but who, rather than reveal them outright, simply point adventurers in the right direction.


I really enjoyed the fact that Hobbs chose to have very small, bite-sized chapters in The Librarian Saga. They helped me compartmentalize what was happening to the various characters. The pacing of the story was wicked fast … so much so that I finished Part 1 in one sitting because I just couldn’t wait to get to the ending.


Librarian Saga 1What can you expect from Part 1?

  • a storyline revolving around Peter Pan

  • two main characters who have lots of spunk

  • a guest character who’s both piteous and honourable

  • mysterious carvings

  • a grand adventure


What’s in store for you in Part 2? Librarian Saga 2

  • more action

  • greater character development of the main characters

  • two main characters whose friendship is put to the test

  • a bully you might just feel something for

  • an adventure down the yellow-brick road



3.5 Squinkles


Hobbs has a great love for books and the art of storytelling. His passion certainly seeps through every page of his work. I wonder which literary characters will appear as the saga continues!


Eric Hobbs’ Online Corners

Website | Twitter | Goodreads


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Thank you, Eric Hobbs, for sending me a copy of The Librarian Saga, Parts 1 & 2.  All opinions and suggestions expressed herein are entirely my own; I received no compensation for them.




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