The Spirit Archer (Mike Evers)

22 Oct

Spirit ArcherHey Squinklebooks Squad,


If you enjoy reading historical fiction or you just can’t get enough of the Middle Ages, try out this novella from Mike Evers. To be honest, I don’t know too much about this time period because—and I’m ashamed to admit this—I haven’t read much set in these centuries, including the stories of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table. Evers’ story is firmly planted into the modern world, but lovers of the age of knights, ladies, and castles will enjoy the ties to 1237 England.  A visit to Robin Hood’s grave awakens the spirit of the famous outlaw from English legend, and a touching, if unconventional, friendship develops between two characters who are both in need of someone to talk to. 


3.5 Squinkles


Have you ever felt like the weight on your shoulders is just too much to bear? Have you ever encountered an unlikely hero or become friends with an unusual sort? You might enjoy reading this story about the time Jamie and Robin Hood find each other by accident and how both of their lives take turns for the better.


Mike Evers’ Online Corners

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Thank you, Mike Evers and Great Minds Think Aloud, for sending me a copy of The Spirit Archer.  All opinions and suggestions expressed herein are entirely my own; I received no compensation for them.


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