Campaign of the Gods (Mike Evers)

23 Oct

Campaign of the Gods


Squinklebooks Squad,


Here’s another fun story by Mike Evers. This time, lovers of mythology will get lost in an interesting world where Asgardian gods mingle—at first inadvertently and then very willingly—with Earthly humans. Stuart Gooding is a police constable who is anxiously awaiting the birth of his first child. You’d think that all he had to worry about was assembling a cot and crossing his fingers that the baby doesn’t come while he’s patrolling the streets of Hopfield. But with Norse god, Loki, a troublemaker in every aspect, in the mood for mischief, Officer Gooding’s quiet life won’t stay quiet for very long.


Evers has a talent for creating intricate worlds where the lives of various characters intertwine. While I did find some parts were slower than others, I was sufficiently intrigued to find out how the gods and humans untangle themselves from Loki’s net that I was eager to continue reading nonetheless.


3.5 Squinkles


Some things I particularly enjoyed, which I think you might enjoy, too, are the little introductions to Norse deities and concepts that serve as background on the characters and places each chapter mentions. If I ended up not enjoying the story, I would’ve been happy to have learned a little something about Norse mythology at the very least.


Mike Evers’ Online Corners

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Thank you, Mike Evers and Great Minds Think Aloud, for sending me a copy of Campaign of the Gods.  All opinions and suggestions expressed herein are entirely my own; I received no compensation for them.



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