Not Your Ordinary Wolf Girl (Emily Pohl-Weary)

24 Oct

Dear Squinklebooks Squad,


Not Your Ordinary Wolf GirlDid you enjoy the Twilight saga? Well, this book is nothing like those stories. In Emily Pohl-Weary’s Not Your Ordinary Wolf Girl, you will meet Sam, who lives the life of a rock star on stage but whose life off stage is decidedly less exciting. Until she unwittingly gets bitten while biking home one night after a concert, of course.


That’s when everything changes.


This seems to be the season of strong female characters as this is the third book in a row I’ve read whose protagonists are far from the doe-eyed, maiden-in-distress archetype. Or maybe I’m only now discovering more and more fiction replete with confident, determined women thanks to the plethora of wonderful female authors out there. Whatever it is, I really enjoyed Pohl-Weary’s take on the werewolf subgenre because the love story isn’t really the meat of this novel.


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What can you expect from the story then? I love that Pohl-Weary tackles the challenge that stems from change and that Sam has to learn how to accept her circumstances while she makes the most of them. She’s not whiny or needy despite the fact that she could use all the help she can get to deal with her new life. I like that there’s a conflict between conforming to societal norms (super hirsute faces scream “wolf girl”, don’t they?) and letting the true self come out. For much of the story, Sam is unsure which of the two boys in the novel she can trust, and I like that she waddles back and forth in her decision because boy is trust always a tough issue.


If you’re looking for an adventure-packed read full of twists, turns, and a strong female protagonist, give Not Your Ordinary Wolf Girl a whirl.


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And while you’re at it, try your hand at these questions: Why did Pohl-Weary set her story in NYC? Why is the heart of the conflict about becoming a wolf girl? Why is it important to the story that Sam is part of a rock band rather than just, say, a school band? Why might there be different factions of werewolves introduced in this story? Why does romance not factor as much in this story as in other novels in this genre?


I was so lucky to have met Emily Pohl-Weary while she was at the Penguin Canada offices this past summer.  She very graciously signed my copy of her novel, a pic of which I’ll post soon.


Emily Pohl-Weary’s Online Corners

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads | Chapters


Thank you, Penguin and Razorbill Canada, for sending me a copy of Not Your Ordinary Wolf Girl.  All opinions and suggestions expressed herein are entirely my own;
I received no compensation for them.


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