A Fool’s Errand (Maureen Fergus)

9 Jul


Hey Squinklebooks Squad, do you want a great way to kick off our summer term? I’ve got one of my suggestions-that-aren’t-really-suggestions suggestions for you today … go grab a copy of Maureen Fergus’ A Fool’s Errand. It’s the follow-up to her fantastic YA novel, The Gypsy King, which I reviewed earlier, and it’s just a whole lot more of all the things I loved in the first book.

What’s so great about A Fool’s Errand?

  • First of all, it concludes the incredible cliffhanger that Fergus left us with at the end of the first installment. (No spoilers here, so if you haven’t read the first book yet, don’t read the first chapter of this one!)

  • Second, it begins a great journey that takes you with Azriel and Persephone all around the wonderfully imagined kingdom of Glyndoria.

  • And third, well, let’s talk about those crazy lovebirds …

I am just so in love with Azriel and Persephone! They’re smart, funny, and incredibly charming. Fergus’ voice shines throughout this entire story, and she is among my favourite writers whose dialogue is so delicious that I find myself re-reading characters’ conversations all the time. From the very moment that Azriel and Persephone met in Book 1, the electricity between them was so evident, and I felt like I couldn’t get enough of it, so I was extremely happy with the way this second novel developed. During their travels, Azriel and Persephone can’t help but show their feelings for one another, and for me, some of the greatest love stories involve people who obviously care so much about each other that—no matter how ardently they try to hide it or deny it—that love just makes them glow.  These two kids glow!

If you love great writing—and Fergus is a phenomenal scribe—and stories full of adventure, romance, and intrigue, you really must carve out a couple of days to immerse yourself in The Gypsy King trilogy. And if you’re like me, who absolutely devoured the first and second books, you’ll be giddy beyond belief that the third installment, Tomorrow’s Kingdom, has just released!

Go buy and read these three books now. Then we’ll talk about how Azriel makes our knees weak and Persephone makes us laugh out loud …



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