TombQuest #1: Book of the Dead (Michael Northrop)

30 Mar

Book of the Dead 

Hey there, Squinks! If you, like me, lapped up every detail about Egypt in Jude Watson / Judy Blundell’s Beyond the Grave, the fourth book of Scholastic’s The 39 Clues series, you will definitely enjoy Book of the Dead! Michael Northrop weaves Egyptian lore into the fabric of modern-day New York City, creating a whirlwind adventure in the process.

In Book of the Dead, we meet Alex Sennefer, a sickly young lad who has spent all his life making sure to never overexert himself and to always take his pills. Luckily, Alex’s mom works at the Metropolitan Museum of Art where there is no shortage of fascinating exhibitions that Alex can explore time and time again. Can you guess which room is Alex’s favourite? Yup, the Egyptian wing. But something’s been a little off. So, of course, Alex and Ren, his best friend, do a little investigating. What unfolds is a great big mysterious and fantastical adventure that involves scrolls, lost spells, amulets, a Death Walker, and a disappearance …

I really loved this story, and I can’t wait for the next installment, which lands in stores sometime in April or May. Northrop has presented so many mysteries – of which he’s answered practically none! Well, a few questions, maybe. But there are so many that remain unanswered, and the book leaves you wanting more, as any good book does. Alex is flawed, and I look forward to seeing how his character develops. He can be a bit reckless, mostly because he’s so passionate about doing things, which is why it’s great to have Ren next to him, keeping him balanced. I’ve always loved adventure stories with tandems or trios at the heart of them because, really, we can’t ever get through life completely on our own. Alex’s mom, Ren, and his friends at the museum all have his back … which means they’re all in danger, just as Alex is. Who knows what other mysteries (or, dare I hope, answers) get unearthed in the next book, Amulet Keepers. And gosh knows who – or what! – else will arise!

This book might just be your Next Great Read, so be sure to check it out, and let me know how you like it!


4 Squinkles


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Thank you, Scholastic, for sending me a copy of
TombQuest #1: Book of the Dead.  All opinions and suggestions expressed herein are entirely my own; I received no compensation for them.


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