Mon ami thé #2

31 Mar

Ami Thé - Vanessa and Her Sister


Vanessa and Her Sister by Priya Parmar
[art, painting, writing, passion, tradition, avant garde thinking, sisters]


Organic Cream of Earl Grey by David’s Tea
[cornflowers, marigolds, vanilla, bergamot oil]


I love earl grey tea, and while British friends may scoff at me for adding tons of cream to it, I can’t imagine drinking it any other way.  David’s Tea’s take is so aromatic and delicious that it was easy to decide on this tea pairing.  Earl grey is such a well-known British tea, and this story focuses on a very well-known British group, but the vanilla in this tea really stands out.  It’s like a shot of passion in a world of restraint, which is what I sometimes feel about the Bloomsbury Group.  Que pensez-vous ?


One Response to “Mon ami thé #2”


  1. A to Z: Vanessa and Her Sister | squinklebooks - 2015.04.22

    […] V is for Vanessa and Her Sister, a lovely book by Priya Parmar, which serves to introduce many people to the oft-perceived clandestine group called Bloomsbury.  My admiration for this story can be found here.  And an ami thé pairing can be found here. […]



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