The Only Game (Mike Lupica)

1 Apr

Only Game


I can’t believe I’ve never read one of Mike Lupica’s books until now. Oodles and oodles of books he’s written, and my very first is his latest, The Only Game … and what an introduction to this wonderful author!

In The Only Game, we meet Jack Callahan, a beloved baseball superstar who’s destined for greatness … or, at the very least, for the Little League World Series. But after the first practice of the season, he quits the game he loves, shocking everyone in his family, school, and town. No one understands Jack’s decision – perhaps he doesn’t even fully get it himself – but he knows it’s just something he must do. Jack has to re-evaluate current friendships, make new acquaintances, and explore different extracurricular activities before he can even begin to comprehend the place that baseball holds in his life.

Squinks, this is a good book to dig into! If you haven’t read Lupica before either, well, you’re in for a treat. The writing is crisp, the plot is quick, the dialogue is snappy (ooh, I love Cassie Bennett!), and the story is heartwarming. Jack and his merry band of mates – Gus, Teddy, and Cassie – have to work out the kinks that come about when you try to put four very distinct personalities in the same room, but by the end, you’ll wonder why they had never all hung out together before.

… If you like reading, I can’t see why you’d think of skipping this over. The story, the writing, and the characters are all great!

… If you don’t like reading, you should try this book anyway. Things start off with a bang, and the fast pace keeps throughout the novel that you won’t even realize how quickly you’re reading it.

… If you like baseball, then I’d be surprised if you hadn’t already heard of this.  Add this to your TBR list!

… And if you’re more into hockey, you’ll still find so much appealing in the behind-the-scenes story of being part of a team. You’ll understand the pressure that players put on themselves. You’ll get the rigorous training involved. You’ll start counting down to the playoffs along with the characters.

There’s something for everyone in The Only Game. Let me know how you like it … Then, go through this list, and tell me which Lupica novel you’re planning to pick up next!


4 Squinkles


Mike Lupica’s Online Corners

Website | Goodreads | Chapters


Thank you, Simon and Schuster Kids, for sending me a copy of
The Only Game.  All opinions and suggestions expressed herein are entirely my own; I received no compensation for them.


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