A to Z: A is for Autumn Falls

2 Apr

Okay, so I managed to post this on Twitter while it was still April 1, but then wibbly wobbly, timey wimey things happened, and, in short, midnight rolled around.  Ah well.  The best-laid plans.

Back in February, I participated in Random House’s #RHCPhotoADay challenge, and I loved having that tiny bit of pressure put on me for a whole month.  I’ve always wanted to do an A-to-Z challenge, and since I remembered, from years past, seeing other A-to-Z posts in April, I figured I might as well try it out.  Also, since April is National Poetry Month, why not add a little rhyme for reason?

So, for today’s (yesterday’s, but only just yesterday’s) letter: A is for Autumn Falls, a lovely book by Bella Thorne.  Review and ami thé to come in a few days.


A - Autumn Falls


Are you participating in an A-to-Z challenge this month?  Let me know!


One Response to “A to Z: A is for Autumn Falls”


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    […] also my ami thé and my A-to-Z of Autumn […]



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