Mon ami thé #6

7 Apr

Ami Thé 006 - Autumn Falls


Autumn Falls by Bella Thorne
[journal, death, friendship, relocation, new school, fitting in, coping, wishes]


Goji Pop by David’s Tea
[goji berries, apple, hibiscus, rosehips, honeydew melon, marigold]


There’s something about Autumn Falls that screams “cool!”, so for today’s ami thé, I thought of a cool tea.  This is another favourite David’s Tea concoction (although I have many favourites, so take it as you will).  But, there’s another reason why I paired these two up.  When I first looked at the ingredient of goji pop, I thought, “Hmm.  I like all the fruits, but I’m not too sure about how the flowers will fit in.”  Well, I needn’t have worried as this tea is delicious.  The same thing happened when I was given Autumn Falls to read.  I figured it would be okay, but I ended up liking it much more than I had anticipated.  (Review to come soon!)  Life’s cool like that sometimes.  Have you tried goji pop?  Que pensez-vous ?


One Response to “Mon ami thé #6”


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