I Read YA 2015 – Day 1

19 May

Hello Squinks, and welcome to the 2015 installment of #IReadYA Week from our friends at Scholastic.  This week (May 18-22) will be a celebration of all things YA.  You can even win some prizes!  Click on the icon below to find out more, and if you’re planning to talk about YA books this week, don’t forget to use the hashtag #IReadYA.


I Read YA - Purple 

I’m a few hours late for the first day’s post (blame it on the long weekend), but here’s a title that just recently pubbed, which I’m excited to dig into.


Kidney Hypothetical


From the publisher (Scholastic):

Higgs Boson Bing has seven days left before his perfect high school career is completed.  Then it’s on to Harvard to fulfill the fantasy portrait of success that he and his parents have cultivated for the past four years.  Four years of academic achievement.  Four years of debate championships.  Two years of dating the most popular girl in school.

But of course this shining picture is painted over cracks, some of them deep and painful.  And for Higgs it’s about to come apart.


Want to know the truth?  I really love the protagonist’s name – Higgs Boson Bing.  It’s just so cool!  And being named after (I’m assuming) the Higgs particle, which is a physics thing that I can’t even begin to understand let alone explain to you, makes him a very intriguing character for me.  Of course, I’m also quite curious to find out how Higgs deals with everything coming undone in his life.

Are there any other character names you love?



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