Student Review: Legend

18 Jun

There’s something in the air this week … everyone wants to write a review!  Austin’s shared his thoughts about Marie Lu’s Legend, a novel he really enjoyed.  He’s excited to continue reading the rest of the trilogy!



Probably a legend in the making, this novel by Marie Lu is full of action and suspense. At the beginning of the book, the reader is introduced to Day, a master criminal, and June, a rich prodigy training to become a commander. Although their lives could not be more different, they eventually meet after Day is framed for killing June’s brother. When June learns of this, she devotes herself to catching Day, but she later realizes that he might not be the cold-blooded killer she thought he was.

One aspect that I liked about this book is that there are many plot twists that made the story dynamic. For example, when I got to the part that revealed the killer of June’s brother, I was completely surprised. You won’t believe it yourself! Also, the suspense in this book is very good and is one of the reasons I kept reading. There are so many mysteries introduced throughout the story – like Day being hinted to be very intelligent and physically able even though his test scores say otherwise. Lu doesn’t explain why this is until the very end. This drove me to keep on reading to find out why! Lastly, the main characters have very different personalities that complement each other. Day grew up poor, so he’s really used to rough conditions, but June is quite rich, so she’s accustomed to a pampered lifestyle. This really intrigued me because they had very similar skills despite growing up radically different. I wonder what their lives might have been like if they had never met.

The only thing I didn’t like about the book is that it didn’t explain much about how the government came to be the way it was. It plays a big role in the twists of the plot, so I wanted to know more.

Any young adult that enjoys science fiction would enjoy Legend. It’s a great story with lots of betrayals, intelligence, and strategies, set in a reimagined world.

Review by Austin P., grade 8


Legend - GN  

By the way, there’s a graphic-novel version of Legend that’s just come out a couple of months ago.  The cover looks great!



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