Bookcation 2015 #3: City Scratch-Off Map: Paris

28 Jun

One word that very aptly describes me is “wanderlust”, so it shouldn’t be a surprise to you that Bookcation Book #3 has to do with wandering all over the place! I saw the Paris one in a bookstore first, and since j’adore voyager, il est donc parfaitement normal que j’aie hâte de voir cette ville et toutes les autres dans ces livres! Even though I’ve already (only) visited San Fran and NYC, I know there are always more things to discover in great cities as these, so I’m so eager to get each and every one of these titles. But how can I choose amongst all these pretties?


CSOM - Paris 

If you could only choose one city to visit and/or one scratch-off map to get, which would you choose: Paris?  San Francisco?  New York?  London?


CSOM - Mixed


One Response to “Bookcation 2015 #3: City Scratch-Off Map: Paris”

  1. Samantha Faloon 2015.06.28 at 10:28 am #

    Love that idea!



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