Bookcation 2015 #4: Crown of Three

3 Jul

Hi Squinks. Hope you’re enjoying your vacation, though I know I will see some of you next week when summer school begins. Here’s an MG title that just pubbed last month:


Crown of Three 1 

Crown of Three, by J.D. Rinehart, is the first book in a series (though I’m not sure yet how many there will be), and it’s being hailed as a sort of Game of Thrones–style book, but for a younger audience. Seeing as how I have yet to stomach an episode of GoT, I can’t exactly tell you what to expect, BUT … according to Simon and Schuster, it’s got a little bit of everything …


Hashtags - Crown of Three 

If any of you have already read this and think that it’s a worthwhile addition to our library, do let me know! Click here for an excerpt to get you started.

Happy Bookcation to you all! Stay tuned for the next update …



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