Student Review: The 39 Clues: One False Note

15 Jul

The 39 Clues: One False Note by Gordon Korman is about Amy and Dan now going to Venice, Italy, to find even more clues for their hunt. In this book, you will find Amy and Dan going to the home of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, the famous composer, where they are searching for clues and escaping a lot of deadly moments.


One False Note 

Overall, I give this book 4 out of 5 stars because the adventure was once again great. It also had a lot of good descriptions that made the book flow really nicely and clearly. For example, at the siblings’ second destination, Salzburg, Austria, they go to a house with another pair of siblings, Ian and Natalie Kabra, and while there, an explosion occurs. Another thing I liked is that during the story, Amy and Dan get the hang of finding their clues and knowing what the clues and the whole “game” actually mean to them. They’re maturing, and it’s nice to be with them for the ride.

Grades 4 and up would probably like this book. If you are looking for a good adventure book, then the 39 Clues: One False Note is the perfect book for you!

Review by Roy K., grade 7



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