Cover Love: UK Editions of the Iron Trial and the Lightning Thief

20 Jul

Hi Squinks,

Hardcore bibliophiles like me sometimes cannot explain certain behaviours.  (Yes, I DO mind if you look at this brand-new book that I’ve just begun reading.  If you must, could you wash your hands first, please?)  But I’m sure that one of the least strange of my strange behaviours is amassing a collection of various covers of the same titles.  I can’t help it – I really do judge books by their covers.  So when I see great artistic interpretations of books I’ve read and loved, I can’t help but drool a little … and then (more often than not) take out my wallet and get a copy.

Here are the UK covers of three books published in Great Britain by Penguin though by different houses in North America (and probably elsewhere).  Aren’t they pretty?


UK Covers - PJ & Magisterium 

Compare them to their North American counterparts: Magisterium: The Iron Trial and Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief.  Which versions do you like better?



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