Bookcation 2015 #13: The Accidental Afterlife of Thomas Marden

24 Aug

Hey, Squinks.  Where has the summer gone?  Today marks the beginning of the last week of summer school, and I must congratulate you all on the MOUNTAIN of novels, graphic novels, and short stories that you’ve managed to read during July and August.  Well done, you!


Accidental Afterlife of Thomas Marsden 

I’ve gotten some requests for spooky suggestions, so here’s one for you: Emma Trevayne’s The Accidental Afterlife of Thomas Marsden.  It’s recently pubbed (this past July), and if the title doesn’t do you in, check out the following blurb from Simon and Schuster:


What if you found your own grave—and it wasn’t empty?  Discover the dark delights of faeries and fortune-tellers in this gently spooky book from the author of Flights and Chimes and Mysterious Times, sure to appeal to fans of Coraline.

Grave robbing is a messy business.

A bad business.  And for Thomas Marsden, on what was previously an unremarkable spring night in London, it becomes a very spooky business.  For lying in an unmarked grave and half covered with dirt is a boy the spitting image of Thomas himself.  This is only the first clue that something very strange is happening.  Others follow, but it is a fortune-teller’s frightened screams that lead Thomas into a strange world of spiritualists, death, and faery folk.  Faery folk with whom Thomas’s life is bizarrely linked.  Faery folk who need his help.

Desperate to unearth the truth about himself and where he comes from, Thomas is about to discover magic, ritual, and the uncanny truth that sometimes the things that make a boy ordinary are what make him extraordinary.


Are you DYING to read it yet?  (Hahahaha … I slay myself.)  The title intrigued me first.  I love funky titles.  Then, when I saw the cover art, it really made me wonder what I would if I were in Thomas’ position.  Oh yeah, and I’m very curious about the accident that brings about Thomas’ afterlife.

I’ve put an order in for this book, so expect it in our library in September.  If you’ve managed to read it already, let me know!  Spread the love.



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