Bookcation 2016 #2: The Girl in the Well is Me

14 Mar

For a more serious turn, I highly recommend you pick up The Girl in the Well is Me by Karen Rivers.


Girl in the Well is Me


As I mentioned in class, I really, really loved the latest Disney movie, Zootopia. I know, I teased you with it because I was lucky enough to have seen it a few weeks before it officially released. But now that most of you have gotten a chance to enjoy it as well, you’ll remember the scene where Nick Wilde recalls some particularly painful memories – the ones where he was super excited to join the boy scouts, but ended up being severely disappointed by the other scouts’ malevolence. Similar heartwrenching moments that colour a person’s entire life are also explored in Rivers’ novel.

The Girl in the Well is Me is about Kammie Summers whose family has just moved into town. She’s excited to join a club by partaking in a (fake) initiation put on by the current members. But hours pass with nary a word from anyone. She grows cold, claustrophobic, and a little despondent, recalling all the good stuff and bad stuff that have happened in her life that have brought her to this very unfortunate situation.

Kammie is a unique narrator who will make you laugh out loud and cry a little (or a lot). Come find me when you’ve finished her story, for I’m sure you’ll have lots to say.

The book pubs tomorrow, so you don’t have to wait very long to get your hands on it. Can’t wait to start reading? Check out this online excerpt right here.



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