Bookcation 2016 #4: Just Like Me

15 Mar

I’m very excited to read Just Like Me by Nancy J. Cavanaugh. I didn’t manage to grab an ARC of this, so I’ll have to be patient, just like you, until the first week of April when it celebrates its book birthday.


Just Like Me


Just Like Me is all about girls who were adopted from the same orphanage and who visit a summer camp together. Julia, Avery, and Becca may have lived together for a while, but that doesn’t mean that they all like the same things … or that they all like each other. The story is told using traditional narrative format and journal entries, and this format is part of why I’m really eager to grab a hold of a copy for me and for all of you!

We had such a great time reading Always, Abigail and coming up with (tons and tons) of our own lists, that I’m looking forward to reading the same author’s next work. I’m sure Cavanaugh will tug at our heartstrings again, as she did with Always, Abigail and This Journal Belongs to Ratchet.

Think you’ll enjoy this story? Let me know, and I’ll put you on the waiting list for when we get a copy in the library.



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