Bookcation 2016 #6: Simon Thorn and the Wolf’s Den

16 Mar

Another book that you might have seen me toting about lately is Aimée Carter’s Simon Thorn and the Wolf’s Den. As a huge mythos nerd, I really enjoyed Carter’s The Goddess Test series, which centres on Persephone’s trials, so I was super excited to begin her new MG series.

  Simon Thorn and the Wolf's Den 

Simon Thorn is your typical 12-year-old. Well, typical in the sense that he lives in a tiny apartment in a large city (Manhattan), and he often gets bullied in school. Oh, and he can talk to animals and change into one at will. Not to mention that he might be the key to peace on Earth. Pretty typical, right? No? Well, neither is this book. It’s a really fun ride and a great series starter that I’m positive you’ll enjoy.

Simon has tons of flaws and a lot of figuring-stuff-out to undergo, but he’s got heart, self-worth, and loyalty towards his family. He makes some infuriating decisions sometimes, but you just can’t help but root for him through and through. This first book, which pubbed just last month, will definitely leave you excited for the next one (though I have no idea when that will be released). But rest assured: Carter has left lots of nooks and crannies waiting to be filled with backstory and plot points to fill up many more books in the series. Come find me when you’re done reading Book 1, and let me know how you enjoyed it!



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