Bookcation 2016 #7: Hour of the Bees

17 Mar

Ever since we lost my darling grandpa, I’ve been increasingly drawn to stories about the changing relationships between grandfathers and granddaughters. Not a great shock, I know, but this is one of those examples of books that have different meanings at different points in a person’s life. If this book had existed before 2014, I may or may not have even read it, to tell you the truth. But 2014 happened, and this book happened, and the great cosmic plan was rewired in such a way that meant I picked this book up and read it.

And now, I offer it to you, for Hour of the Bees is one of those books that ought to be discovered. Even if you don’t have a sempiternal ache in your heart from losing your grandpa, and even if you’re allergic to bees, this book by Lindsay Eagar will capture your heart.


Hour of the Bees 

Carol has to spend her summer in New Mexico. While her friends are off having the times of their lives, she’s stuck in the middle of the desert, helping move her grandpa into a home for people afflicted with dementia. She and Grandpa Serge don’t get on right away. For one, he tells a lot of out-there stories. But then, Carol finds herself looking forward to those meetings and hearing more about a tree that heals and the bees that will (could) save the land.

This is a book about learning more about yourself with the help of unforeseen sources. Once you’ve read Hour of the Bees, let me know what you discovered about yourself thanks to Eagar.



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