Hello, Squinks!

Life is Sweet


Squinklebooks was created and is run by Christine, an English, French, and social-sciences teacher and librarian based in Toronto-ish (Canada) and Niagara-Falls-ish (USA), who is interested in and enjoys doing way too many things.  There are, however, some constants in her life, which include drinking coffee or tea while reading, reading, and reading some more.  Christine loves escaping to and getting lost in realms outside her own, so if you can’t reach her, check out what she’s currently reading to find out where she is.  She splits infinitives all the time, but she can’t split from books for too long.

Christine is constantly in the throes of juggling her time between chipping away at her growing piles of books to read and adding the latest tasty morsels to her shelves.  Some of her favourite stories have been read while on her travels, so it’s a good thing she’s got insatiable wanderlust.  She receives no compensation for any of her reviews, which are entirely her own unless otherwise noted.  

Find Christine on Twitter and Instagram as @mrsmonnandez, or email her at squinklebooks [at] gmail [dot] com.  She’s a MurdochphileWhovian, Sherlover, Hufflepuff, and Madrigal.  She also bleeds blue and white, and is a huge Disnerd.  If you’re into hand-lettered works of art, feel free to visit her at @squinkleletters, too.

Welcome to Squinklebooks!  We hope you find your Next Great Read amongst these suggestions!



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