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A to Z: W is for Where the Sidewalk Ends

23 Apr

W is for the really awesome collection of poems and drawings in Shel Silverstein’s Where the Sidewalk Ends.  And while I’ve promised to do my best to write a little ditty for each of my A-to-Z posts this month, I will gladly step aside and let Mr. Silverstein’s own incomparable words work their magic for you instead.


W - Where the Sidewalk Ends 

Which of Silverstein’s poems do you love best?  I have a fondness for so many, but I first got hooked by “People Zoo”.  Let me know what you think!


A to Z: N is for the Nicholas Flamel Series

14 Apr

N is for Michael Scott’s series, the Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel.  This is the perfect collection to read if you’ve finished (and loved) the 39 Clues, Percy Jackson and the Olympians, and Harry Potter.  The world that Scott builds is rich with details; the plot is intricate, surprising, and full of adventures; the characters are appealing, relatable, and pulled from various corners of the mythological world.  You really must read this series if you haven’t done so yet!


N - Nicholas Flamel 

I’m not sure if Scathach, in pure Celtic mythology, is as charming and fearsome as she is in these stories, but I love her and her fiery red hair! How about you?

A to Z: M is for the Mother-Daughter Book Club Series

14 Apr

Late, late, late … but, I can’t skip M because M is for one of my favourite series of all time: Heather Vogel Frederick’s Mother-Daughter Book Club books, which include:

  1. The Mother-Daughter Book Club

  2. Much Ado About Anne

  3. Dear Pen Pal

  4. Pies and Prejudice

  5. Home for the Holidays

  6. Wish You Were Eyre

I began this series during the in-between stages of being in school (as the young protagonists are) and being a mother (as their mothers are, of course), so I was very fortunate to understand everyone’s perspective!  And that all the stories are tied up in, related to, and revolving around a strong, dynamic, and loveable heroine just makes me love it all the more.


    M - Mother-Daughter Book Club


Have you read any of these books?  Which one is your favourite?

A to Z: K is for Kensuke’s Kingdom

11 Apr

K is for Kensuke’s Kingdom, a story from Michael Morpurgo that will test your range of emotions.  As you read all about Michael’s adventures in the Pacific Ocean, you’ll laugh at his antics, you’ll empathize with his ennui, you’ll fear for his life, and you’ll cry for the gift he receives but cannot keep.  Keep some tissue at the ready!


K - Kensuke's Kingdom


Do you know Kensuke’s story?  What do you think?

A to Z: J is for the Jedi Academy Books

10 Apr

J is for the Star Wars: Jedi Academy books by Jeffrey Brown.  I absolutely adore this series, not the least of which is the fact that I truly love back stories.  I got into sci-fi much later than many of my peers, and have seen only bits and pieces of the Star Wars movies, but if the movies are as awesome as these books, I don’t know why I’ve been putting off watching them!  The third installment, The Phantom Bully, pubs in a few months, and I’m looking forward to more of the fantastic story and illustrations.


J - Jedi Academy


Do you like the Star Wars movies and books?  Who are your favourite characters?  I like the Master … Master Yoda, that is.  He’s cute.

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