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Mon ami thé #10

27 Jul

Ami Thé 010 - Positive


Positive by Paige Rawl
[strength, courage, determination, confidence, falling and rising, continuing]


Garcinia Goodness by David’s Tea
[orange peel, hibiscus, stevia, red cornflower, garcinia]


I was blown away by the courage that Paige Rawl demonstrated in her memoir.  Although I’d like to think that now, as an adult, I can stand up for myself when need be, the truth is, when I got bullied as a child, I was more the type to ignore my bullies rather than stand up for myself.  I chose this tea because I think the scent of oranges is both powerful and subtle, which suits Rawl’s personality.  The hibiscus flower, too, I find both feminine and feisty (a great combination!).  Finally, there is a lot of goodness that radiates from Rawl, and I really admire that.


Mon ami thé #9

7 May

Ami Thé 009 - Summer Days, Starry Nights


Summer Days, Starry Nights by Vikki VanSickle
[summer, vacation, cottages, growing up, middle child, family drama]


Glitter and Gold by David’s Tea
[gold sugar balls, lemon peel, cloves, vanilla, soy]


Summer Days, Starry Nights is such a gorgeous story about the growing up we do during summer vacations.  For all the lessons we learn in the 10 months at school, some of the best lessons I ever received were during July and August.  I wanted a tea that conveyed the adventure, mystery, and uniqueness of summer vacations, which is why I chose Glitter and Gold.  There’s something homey and magical about it, just like with VanSickle’s story.  Que pensez-vous ?

Mon ami thé #8

5 May

Ami Thé 008 - Question of Miracles 

The Question of Miracles by Elana K. Arnold
[death, coping, rain, friendship, chicks, pink ladies, Magic card game]


Guava Cadabra by David’s Tea
[mango, apple, hibiscus, elderberries, guava, beetroot, rosehips]


When Boris tells Iris about Pink Lady apples, I knew I wanted a tisane to pair up with this book.  Then, when we read about how much he loves the card game Magic, the deal was sealed!  If you love refreshing, fruity teas, you’ll want to try an iced guava cadabra while reading Arnold’s sweet tale about coping with a loss.  Que pensez-vous ?

Mon ami thé #7

9 Apr

Ami Thé 007 - Book of the Dead


Book of the Dead by Michael Northrop
[amulets, mummies, scrolls, museum, best friend, illness, missing persons]


Egyptian chamomile by David’s Tea
[chamomile leaves]


The first reason that I thought of Egyptian chamomile for a tea pairing with Book of the Dead is, of course, because Egyptian mythology plays a very big role in the series.  But now that I think about it, maybe Alex and Ren could do with a nice large cup of chamomile tea!  It will certainly help to calm them down, given them a good night’s sleep, and prepare them for their journey across the pond in the next book.  Are you a fan of this daisy-like herbal tea?  Que pensez-vous ?

Mon ami thé #6

7 Apr

Ami Thé 006 - Autumn Falls


Autumn Falls by Bella Thorne
[journal, death, friendship, relocation, new school, fitting in, coping, wishes]


Goji Pop by David’s Tea
[goji berries, apple, hibiscus, rosehips, honeydew melon, marigold]


There’s something about Autumn Falls that screams “cool!”, so for today’s ami thé, I thought of a cool tea.  This is another favourite David’s Tea concoction (although I have many favourites, so take it as you will).  But, there’s another reason why I paired these two up.  When I first looked at the ingredient of goji pop, I thought, “Hmm.  I like all the fruits, but I’m not too sure about how the flowers will fit in.”  Well, I needn’t have worried as this tea is delicious.  The same thing happened when I was given Autumn Falls to read.  I figured it would be okay, but I ended up liking it much more than I had anticipated.  (Review to come soon!)  Life’s cool like that sometimes.  Have you tried goji pop?  Que pensez-vous ?

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