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Bookcation 2016 #8: Star Darlings: The Adventures of Sage, Libby, and Scarlet

17 Mar

Okay, well you know how much I love Disney characters, so it’s no stretch to think that I love Disney books, too. Percy Jackson and The Zodiac Legacy are two of our all-time favourite series, both of which are published by Disney Publishing Worldwide. Now, I’ve got another great series for you to fall in love with: The Star Darlings.


Star Darlings - Sage 

I’ve only read the first three books of what will be, I think (though I wish for more), a 12-book series, but I’m hooked. Think about it: not everyone is let in, so it is a rather big deal to be accepted to Starling Academy, a prestigious school for those wishing to become Star Darlings – wish granters – to people on Wishworld (aka Earth). Each Star Darling has her own unique personality, strengths, and even colour (just look at the book covers !). The cover art of each of the books alone is enough to get you hooked. The images and colour combinations are simply gorgeous and utterly mesmerizing.


Star Darlings - Wisher's Guide to Starland 

The first book, Sage and the Journey to Wishworld, introduces us to Star Academy and the Star Darlings. It’s everything you’d enjoy in a series starter: backstory, introductions, and lots of adventure. Sage is a great character who is flawed enough to be realistic but still quite likable. You’ll really enjoy discovering all about Ahmet Zappa and Shana Muldoon Zappa’s imaginative world full of Holo-Books and Star Transmitters (among other things). The follow-up, Libby and the Class Election, is just as sweet and charming as the first. Libby loves to say “yes” to people, but she needs to learn to think more of her own needs and stand up for herself, too. Nowhere does she learn this lesson more than down on Wishworld during her mission. In Scarlet Discovers True Strength, you’ll meet another Star Darling who is very unlike Sage and Libby. Scarlet is manipulative and often seeks revenge on those who displease her. Through her journey to Wishworld, she learns a valuable lesson on how to best help others.


Star Darlings - Group 

All three titles are in our library now, and I’m waiting to get my hands on the next three (Leona’s Unlucky Mission, Vega and the Fashion Designer, and Cassie Comes Through), which were published earlier this year. While we’re waiting, let me point you to the direction of Disney’s official Star Darlings site, Facebook page, and Instagram account. I’m sure you’ll find lots of images, news bits, and videos to keep you busy throughout the March Break. Let me know who your favourite Star Darlings are!

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