Bookcation #5: What About Moose?

6 Jul

For my young’uns (and parents of young’uns), here’s a picture book you might enjoy:


What About Moose 

What About Moose? is the story of five friends who gather to build a tree house. Everything’s going fine until Moose comes along, and his bossy ways threaten to upend the whole project.

Published just a few weeks ago, this book imparts a gentle lesson about teamwork using adorable creatures whose rhymes will capture kids’ ears. It was written by Corey Rosen Schwartz and illustrated by Keika Yamaguchi.


What About Moose - Teaser


Have you read What About Moose? already? Think it’ll do well with our younger grades? Drop me a line and let me know!

And check out this awesome book trailer from Simon and Schuster:


Bookcation 2015 #4: Crown of Three

3 Jul

Hi Squinks. Hope you’re enjoying your vacation, though I know I will see some of you next week when summer school begins. Here’s an MG title that just pubbed last month:


Crown of Three 1 

Crown of Three, by J.D. Rinehart, is the first book in a series (though I’m not sure yet how many there will be), and it’s being hailed as a sort of Game of Thrones–style book, but for a younger audience. Seeing as how I have yet to stomach an episode of GoT, I can’t exactly tell you what to expect, BUT … according to Simon and Schuster, it’s got a little bit of everything …


Hashtags - Crown of Three 

If any of you have already read this and think that it’s a worthwhile addition to our library, do let me know! Click here for an excerpt to get you started.

Happy Bookcation to you all! Stay tuned for the next update …

Bookcation 2015 #3: City Scratch-Off Map: Paris

28 Jun

One word that very aptly describes me is “wanderlust”, so it shouldn’t be a surprise to you that Bookcation Book #3 has to do with wandering all over the place! I saw the Paris one in a bookstore first, and since j’adore voyager, il est donc parfaitement normal que j’aie hâte de voir cette ville et toutes les autres dans ces livres! Even though I’ve already (only) visited San Fran and NYC, I know there are always more things to discover in great cities as these, so I’m so eager to get each and every one of these titles. But how can I choose amongst all these pretties?


CSOM - Paris 

If you could only choose one city to visit and/or one scratch-off map to get, which would you choose: Paris?  San Francisco?  New York?  London?


CSOM - Mixed

Bookcation 2015 #2: From the Notebooks of a Middle-School Princess

24 Jun

Any of you fans of Meg Cabot’s Princess Diaries series? The books have been around for a while, and there have been two well-received movies starring Julie Andrews and Anne Hathaway, so I’m sure you’ve at least heard of them (even though, as is often the case, the movies don’t quite follow the plot of the books).


Princess Diaries 1-4 

For those of you who haven’t quite yet gotten to the YA level of the Princess Diaries stories, you’re in luck! Cabot’s witty words find themselves in a new middle-grade series that’s sure to make fans of you all! And just think: after you’ve read and loved the recently released (May 2015) From the Notebooks of a Middle-School Princess, you have a whole world of Cabot’s characters and conflicts to explore!


From the Notebooks of a Middle-School Princess


Come see me for a printout of the official excerpt, or click here and read it online. Let me know what you think!

Bookcation 2015 #1: Percy Jackson’s Greek Heroes

23 Jun

Welcome to Bookcation 2015, Squinks! As part of our farewell activities, I’m excited to give you a mish-mosh of PB, ER, MG, and YA titles and authors to keep your eyes peeled for during your interminably long (yep, I see the discombobulated looks you’re giving me through your screen) summer hols during which you should all be reading something … anything … please? Some have recently pubbed (May or June) while others are still flying to bookstores around the world. If you’ve read any of them, I’d love to know your thoughts!

Let’s start with a perennial class favourite: Rick Riordan.


Percy Jackson's Greek Heroes 

I’m sure you all have a twinge of déjà-vu about the cover of Riordan’s Percy Jackson’s Greek Heroes, which is releasing this August. It’s very similar to the cover of the much-beloved Percy Jackson’s Greek Gods, and quite right, too, as Riordan has once again teamed up with the talented illustrator, John Rocco.


Percy Jackson's Greek Gods 

I’m super excited for this book to come out. I didn’t even pre-order it just in case the mail doesn’t get delivered on time, but this will be the perfect only-one-day-late-but-really-who-cares birthday present to myself!


Hashtags - Percy Jackson Greek Heroes 

I expect you’ll now be among the first in line at the bookstore for this.  Hats off to you.  Carry on, Squinks.

Actually, wait.  I have one more teaser for you:


Magnus Chase - Sword of Summer


Pubbing October 2015, which can’t come fast enough!  Planning on reading Percy Jackson’s Greek Heroes this summer?  Come see me, and I’ll give you a tantalizing excerpt, or click here to read it online!


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