Bookcation 2015 #12: The Entirely True Story of the Unbelievable FIB

21 Aug

I know that, technically, summer vacation will be done by the time Adam Shaughnessy’s the Entirely True Story of the Unbelievable FIB comes out in September.  But I’m just so excited for this book to pub, so I want to share it with you …



Here’s the official blurb from Algonquin:

“What is the Unbelievable FIB?”

That’s the question eleven-year-old Prudence Potts discovers on a baffling card no one else in Middleton—except ABE, a new kid with a knack for solving riddles—seems to see.  Then a mysterious man asks for ABE and Pru’s help to investigate mythical beings infiltrating the town, and that’s just one of the things Pru finds hard to believe.

Soon Pru and ABE discover another world beneath the surface of their quiet town, where Viking gods lurk just out of sight.  They must race to secure the Eye of Odin, source of all knowledge—and the key to stopping a war that could destroy both human and immortal realms.


You know how much I love mythology, and there just isn’t enough out there about the warm and fuzzy Norse gods and goddesses.  My Summer Squinks and I had a great time learning about Odin, Thor, Loki, Ratatosk, and the rest of the gang, and we were even lucky enough to have this guide from FIB to help us keep Muninn and Huginn straight.

Want to know more about the story? Check out the cast of characters here.

FIB pubs September 8 (like so many other great MG titles!).  Keep an eye out for it on our bookshelves.  I’ll let you know once we get it in!



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